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  • Q How do you choose which areas to do?

    This program plans to renew all low pressure cast iron, steel and PVC mains on the Australian Gas Networks Ltd network in Victoria by 2021.  Replacement areas will be prioritised based on a combination of safety risk, supply and capacity.

    We also plan our work in full consultation with authorities and where possible, look for opportunities to coordinate our activities whilst at the same time, make every effort to minimise the impact of our works.

  • Q How long will the works take?

    We anticipate that your gas supply will be interrupted for approx. 8 hours during the day of the works.  Given the technical nature of the works,however, this may be subject to change.  We will notify you if your supply is to be interrupted for any longer or there are any other changes to the schedule of works.  Please note, interruptions longer than same day are very rare.

    Please visit our Works in your area Page for more information on how long we expect each project stage to take place.

  • Q How will I be affected?

    We anticipate that your gas supply will be interrupted for approximately 8 hours on the day of the works.

    Works will generally be conducted during normal business hours on weekdays. 

    These works being undertaken are being done so at no cost to you, however we do require your cooperation by allowing access to your property for our work crews.

    In addition to the works on public areas such as roads and nature strips, we are required to renew the gas meter within your property; this will require some excavation within your property and may include gardens, pavers, concrete, driveways etc. 

    The upgrade will ensure the gas meter complies with current Australian Standards/Regulations, if your meter does not comply, it may need to be relocated.  We will make every attempt to contact you regarding the new location of your gas meter, however, that may not always be possible.

    During construction, the affected area may require temporary traffic changes, restrictions to on-street parking or the closure of a section of the footpath/road and may experience some disruption from trucks and other vehicles associated with the works. 

    We will make every attempt to reduce the impacts wherever possible; however, the very nature of the works requires the use of heavy plant, equipment and excavation machinery which will result in some noise/dust. 

    Due to the nature of the works, individual timing is not possible.

  • Q How will I be notified of the works?

    Consumers will receive notification prior to any planned works commencing on or near their properties.

    1. Advance notification in the form of a letter from APA Group will be left in your letterbox informing you that an interruption to your supply will be occuring (no earlier than 10 days after receiving the letter) and will provide a range of dates for when the work will be likely to take place.
    2. A further notification card will be left in your letterbox on the day prior to the interruption of supply.

    In cases where we are called to deal with an emergency, the health, safety and wellbeing of all APA employees, contractors and the public is non-negotiable, therefore, it is not always possible to notify you of works in advance.

  • Q How will roads and traffic be disrupted?

    The very nature of this program requires the use of heavy plant, equipment and excavation machinery which is required to be located in the vicinity of the work site.   As the mains are renewed, the position of the construction will move along through the stage of the project.

    We are very sympathetic to the needs of residents and businesses, and ensure our teams will do their best to ensure noisy work is not carried out in an anti-social way and will adhere to strict Traffic Management Plans in place for each site.

  • Q I am a tenant at the property; do I need to do anything?

    Yes, it is your responsibility to notify the landlord of the works being carried out.

  • Q I currently don't have gas, how do I connect?

    Visit our Make the Connection website to see the benefits of having natural gas at your property and to find out if natural gas is in your street and the connection process applicable to your state.  You can visit www.maketheconnection.com.au/ for more information.  

  • Q I have just returned home from work and my gas has been left off after your works, what do I do?, who do I call?

    Gas supply at your premises may have been turned off for a number of reasons.  Please check your mailbox for one of our notification cards outlining the reasons why this may have occurred. 

    If you have been left with How to safely turn on your gas supply’ card, this is designed to help you safely turn on gas supply to your premises and relight your appliances.  In you are in doubt as to the correct procedure; please contact the APA Group Representative contacts on the back of the card. 

    You can also contact the contractor responsible for your works by visiting our Works in your area Page for their contact details. 

    Alternatively you can phone our Appliance Re-lights hotline on 1800 643 183 between 7.00am and 9.00pm weekdays.

  • Q I'm happy with the works and would like to pass on my feedback, who do I talk to?

    We receive a lot of feedback about our works (both positive and negative).  If you have some feedback for us, please let us know by:

    We view all feedback as an opportunity to improve the services we deliver and appreciate your assistance in the ongoing improvement of our customer relations.



  • Q I'm not happy with the works, how do I make a complaint?

    APA Group adhere to a National Code of Practice relating to complaint handling.  If you are dissatisfied with our works, we encourage you to discuss this with the Site Supervisor for your project area (See our Works in your area Page for the Supervisor on your project) or our Consumer Advocate in your state.

    Victoria / New South Wales:
    Consumer Advocate
    1300 001 001

    South Australia / Northern Territory:
    Customer Relations Coordinator
    (08) 8159 1825

    (07) 3215 6600

    If you are unhappy with our response, you can speak to the Energy & Water Industry Ombudsman in your state:

    Victoria: Telephone 1800 500 509 or via their website

    South Australia: Telephone 1800 665 565 or via their website

    Queensland:  Telephone 1800 662 837or via their website

  • Q What is the Mains Renewal Program and why is it necessary?

    These works form part of a proactive maintenance program, whilst at the same time, are necessary to ensure you receive a safe, secure and reliable gas supply in the area.  It’s important to note that our network is as safe as it ever has been. However, the benefits of these works include reducing risks such as gas leakages and water ingress associated with ageing infrastructure and increasing of the operating pressure of the network to meet consumer gas requirements. Over the five years, this program will replace over 2000km of existing cast iron pipes across Australia.  

  • Q What will the works involve?

    APA Group is using the ‘insertion technique’ to minimise disruption.  This involves inserting a new polyethylene pipe inside the original main.  Polyethylene is a plastic material, is flexible and is highly resistant to corrosion.  Using this method means we are not required to dig up entire pipe trenches.

  • Q When will you be in my area?

    Please visit our Works in your area Page for the latest schedule of works of when we will be in your area.

  • Q Where can I get more information?

    For further information on the program you can contact the APA representative (See our Works in your area Page for the Supervisor on your project) responsible for your area.  Alternatively, if you are in Victoria or Qld, you can contact us on 1300 001 001.  If you are in South Australia, you can contact us on 08 8159 1661.

    APA Group are committed to providing you with the best possible service and information, before, during and after we undertake our work.  To provide us with your feedback, please contact us on 1300 001 001 or email community@apa.com.au.

  • Q Who is Australian Gas Networks Ltd / APA Group?

    Australian Gas Networks Limited

    Australian Gas Networks Limited (AGN) is one of the largest natural gas distribution network owners in Australia. The AGN networks deliver natural gas to over 1.1million homes and businesses around Australia. The distribution networks owned by AGN are operated by APA Group.

    For more information you can visit the AGN website www.australiangasnetworks.com.au

     APA Group

    APA Group is the largest natural gas infrastructure business in Australia, owning or operating more than $19 billion of energy assets.

    AGN contracts the APA Group to operate their natural gas distribution networks nationally.  You can find out more about our business at our website www.apa.com.au

  • Q Who will perform the works?

    APA Group appoints various contractors to perform these works.  Their details can be found on the Works in your area Page.  In some cases, like in Queensland, contractors vehicles will be branded as an APA Contractor.  In Victoria, contractors are identified by site signage located on all APA sites, as well as on the notifications provided to affected residents, business owners, community organisations.

  • Q Who will reinstate the work area?

    Upon completion of the works, all surfaces will be temporarily reinstated, and arrangements made for permanent repair within 30 days of the works. 

    APA Group is committed to ensuring areas we disturb are fully reinstated as we found them.   All attempts will be made to match the original surface; however, you may still be able to identify the newly repaired surface from the original.

    Whilst exact matching of coloured or textured concrete or pavers is not always possible, we take all steps to ensure it is replaced as near as possible.

    Our contractors undertake every effort to minimise the impact of our works on you and your neighbourhood, however, the nature of natural gas lines installed underground will mean there will be an impact on the area.

  • Q Who will restore my supply?

    Once works are complete, an APA Group representative will restore gas supply to your home and relight your appliances (if accessible).  If you are not home, we will leave a clear step-by-step brochure in your letterbox explaining how to safely turn on your gas supply and relight your appliances.

    If you are unable to relight your appliances, or you are not confident to do so, our Works in your area Page lists additional contact details for each area contractor. 

    Alternatively you can phone our Appliance Re-lights hotline on 1800 643 183 between 7.00am and 9.00pm weekdays.

  • Q Why do you have to dig up roads/footpaths/nature strips - isn't there a better alternative?

    To operate a safe and efficient gas supply network it is necessary to continually invest in and improve our assets.  In order to do this unfortunately, street works are an inevitable part of that, however, our aim is to minimise the disruption of our works as much as possible.